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Finally! Camo Slatwall Is Here!

We’ve been asked for it countless times and finally, it’s available. Camo textured slatwall panels in 6 exciting finishes give our industry leading list of finishes even more options. Outdoor clothing and products retailers, tactical and military supply retailers, and forestry / lumber related tool retailers will all find new and exciting ways to bring their displays to life.

Tan Camo Net Textured Slatwall is the first of these great new options. A brown leafy pattern with overlaid netting gives the appearance of a woodland environment that blends in so well. With the included metal groove inserts, they’ll offer years of service without question and hold much more weight than standard melamine slatwall.Tan Camo Net Slatwall Panels


The Green Watercolor Camouflage Slatwall takes you deep into the jungle with it’s different patches of green mixed to combine for this look.Green Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


The Grey Watercolor Camo Slatwall fits into an urban and wintery environment where spring, summer and fall colors have disappeared.Grey Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panel


Digital Camouflage is a pattern that originated in the U.S. Army in the 1970’s which tested well at both long and short range visibilities. This “Cool” digital style is used by military fighting forces all over the world today.Cool Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Use Warm Digital Camo textured slatwall with Cool Digital textured slatwall to create a unique look for your military surplus, electronics, or outdoor supply store.Warm Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Grey Camo Hatch slatwall is a pattern that uses alternating grey colors in a crossing pattern to be effective. Construction tools, urban wear, building materials, and manufacturing accessories are right at home on this display panel.Grey Camo Hatch Textured Slatwall Panels


All of these exciting textured slatwall finishes include the reinforced metal inserts for added strength. Decorative wall panels (without grooves) and freestanding floor display fixtures made to match will compliment your finish choice. Don’t forget the Pipeline accessories and matching aluminum edge trim to complete your new look.

Sweet Elizabeth Jane Impresses Their Customers With White Old Painted Wood Textured Slatwall!

Sweet Elizabeth JaneWith a name like Sweet Elizabeth Jane, you’d expect a women’s clothing and home accessories store to be charming, warm and friendly. Although they already had plenty of “cozy” in their retail store, they needed an added boost to their display look. For this, nothing compares to our 3D Textured Slatwall Panels and Pipe Line Slatwall Accessories.

White Old Painted Wood Textured Slatwall

Click for larger version of this Textured Slatwall Display

White Old Painted Wood textured slatwall panels have both the look and feel of an old country cottage whose white paint has faded from years of exposure to the warm summer sun. Tammy and Muriel at Sweet Elizabeth Jane had a plan to use these dramatic looking panels along perimeter walls and in their interior floor display layout as well. Edge trim pieces, perfectly matched to the finish, cover exposed edges and create a more professional looking installation. They also used Slatwall Pipe Line Faceouts and Pipe Line Hangrails in black to compliment the look. We think the results are fantastic! What do you think? Tell them how much you love their look on their Facebook page.

White Old Painted Wood Textured Slatwall

Click for larger version of this Textured Slatwall Display

The move in the retail industry towards reclaimed and re-purposed looking environments is making all of our distressed wood and weathered looking slatwall textures a must-have for your boutique or outdoor themed retail area. Call us today to find out which of these many realistic looking and feeling finishes would best fit your store.



Sweet Elizabeth Jane Slatwall Displays


Sweet Elizabeth Jane Slatwall Displays


Watch Our New Video Featuring 3D Freestanding Textured Slatwall Displays!

Wondering how to fill open floor space in your retail store in a unique and interesting way? Our new 3D Freestanding Textured Slatwall Pipe Display Fixtures and Pipe Accessories are the most exciting option right now. Available in any of the Textured and Textured Woodgrain finishes, these store fixtures can be positioned anywhere needed. Watch our video to get an idea how you can use these displays in your open floor space.

Uncrating Your Textured Slatwall Shipment is a Snap!


A Crated and Banded Shipment of Textured Slatwall Fixtures

After spending the time and effort to plan your textured slatwall installation, the last thing that you need is for your panels to arrive damaged. Fortunately great care is taken to package, crate and band your panels to a pallet that will make the journey to your door a safe one. Eliminating damage is a time saver for everyone.


Un-band Your Shipment

Because of their size and weight, textured slatwall panels and textured slatwall floor fixtures must ship by truck / freight. If the carrier calls you in advance of your delivery and advises that you will need a loading dock and forklift to receive your shipment, don’t panic. You don’t need either of these. Your shipment can be un-banded and opened right in the back of the truck. Then thoroughly inspect each panel and fixture for damage while unloading each piece one at a time. Make sure to note the drivers delivery receipt if there is damage and refuse any unusable portions.

The displays pictured are Freestanding Textured Slatwall Fixtures with a pipe frame. Styrofoam packaging for protection and neat organization of your fixtures inside the crate ensure that the transit from our factory to your door is fast and convenient.

Be ready when your shipment arrives and the delivery will go smoothly so that you can begin the transformation of your retail store.


Inside The Crate are All Of The Parts Needed for Your Textured Slatwall Display

Treehouse Gift & Home Updates The Look And Feel Of Their Store With Walnut Textured Wood Slatwall!

Treehouse Gift & HomeIn their slow sales season, many retailers decide to take the time to remodel and upgrade their retail displays and store environments. For some, the best time is the cold winter months, and for others it’s the warm summer months. For Treehouse Gift & Home in Onalaska Wisconsin, February was the ideal time to perform an overnight facelift of their store fixtures and displays.

Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Changing from a brighter space to a warmer and more charming darker space can be tricky but Brad and his team at Treehouse Gift & Home did a fantastic job! These Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall panels compliment their floor fixtures and counter displays perfectly. Color matched aluminum inserts ensure that the flow of the color isn’t interrupted, giving them the flexibility to position shelves and waterfall clothing displays to any location. Matching edge trim installed over exposed edges caps off a neat and professional appearance. A Facebook user commented during installation on Treehouse Gift & Homes’ page, “Wow, can’t wait to see the finished product”. Their reply was, “The walnut color we chose was definitely the winner!” Don’t forget that these panels and finishes are also available in both freestanding floor fixtures, and grooveless panels that can be used in areas for decorative purposes only.

Slatwall Panel Installation

Panel installation is underway!

We recommend the installation of slatwall panels by a licensed and insured contractor familiar with local building codes. But should you choose to do the job yourself, don’t forget the safety eye wear and gloves, and read our great tutorial for help.

To finish off your stunning new slatwall displays, our pipe faceouts, hangrails and shelves compliment any of our textured slatwall finishes and are available in Rust, Black, Sandblast and Bronze. For a limited time, they’re discounted 10% when purchased with panels.

The list of businesses making the switch from standard slatwall to textured slatwall keeps growing, because so many new and exciting ways to turn drab retail displays into exciting spaces are becoming available! Read our articles about planning your store fixture purchase and then request a free quote today.

Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels


The Ultimate Guide to Receiving Your Freight Shipment From!

Without a doubt, the most common questions we’re asked about orders are related to shipping and delivery. “How long will it take for my order to get here?”  “What will my shipment look like when it arrives? Is it large?” “Will they bring it inside?” “What do I do if my shipment is damaged?” “Can my shipment be guaranteed to deliver on a certain day?” “Can I change the address my shipment is delivered to after the processing of my order?” “Can I return my slatwall panels if I don’t like them?” Here are the short answers.

“How long will it take for my order to get to me?”

Most orders of slatwall panels will take approximately 15-18 business days to manufacture from the receipt and processing of your order approval. “Business Days” are considered Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). At that point, your order is packaged, crated and shipped. Transit time is typically 3-5 business days from the ship date (barring weather delays). Orders of in-stock items are normally shipped 1-2 business days from receipt and process of your order and take approx 3-5 business days from ship date. These time frames are estimates and unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.

“What will my shipment look like when it arrives? Is it large & heavy?”


Melamine and HPL Slatwall Crating

Slatwall panels are shipped by common carrier freight because of their size and weight. They’re just too large & heavy for UPS and FedEx to transport. Your panels are crated and banded to a shipping pallet and are almost always much larger than most customers imagine. A commonly sized slatwall shipment is pictured below, however your shipment size may vary. A shipment of (25) – 4’h x 8’w standard slatwall panels will weigh nearly #2400 lbs.


“Will they bring my order inside?”

No. Freight shipments are quoted as a curbside delivery service and it is the responsibility of the receiver to unload, inspect, and sign for shipments. This is achieved by unloading each piece of your shipment one at a time out of the back of the delivery truck (pictured below). This will give the receiver an opportunity to inspect the shipment thoroughly for damage (taking photos and making note on the delivery receipt as necessary). Requests for lift gate services are always costly and rarely make your delivery any easier. Parcel deliveries from UPS and FedEx will be delivered in the manner that is typical for your area. Sometimes a delivery driver will accommodate a request but we cannot guarantee how this would occur.slatwall-panel-unload


“The trucking company called and said that I need a liftgate delivery truck. Do I need this?”

No. Think of it this way. Is it easier to lift 90 lbs off of the ground or if it’s already at chest height? The freight carriers charge additional fees to deliver shipments whenever they can. These additional services are encouraged by their sales management. So they call you first and encourage you to expect this service from the company that sold you the goods. Plus, it makes for a faster drop off, which makes it harder for you to inspect your shipment for any damage that they may have caused. This reduces their damage claims exposure also. Nice trick huh? You don’t need this service. As pictured above, unload each panel one at a time out of the back of the truck and save your back the stress of having to pick up each panel off of the ground.

“What do I do if my shipment is damaged?”

At the time of delivery, please thoroughly inspect your shipment for damage. In the highly unlikely event that you observe damage, take lots of photos, and please describe the nature of the damage on the delivery receipt in detail before signing and refuse the damaged portion. This will expedite the process to replace your damaged items. If the entire shipment is unusable due to extensive damage, refuse the entire shipment and do not issue your acceptance signature. In the event that you’re unable to thoroughly inspect your shipment, please note the delivery receipt with “Possible Hidden Damage”. If damage and refusal occurs, please visit the customer service page of our website and submit our damage notification form so that the replacement process can begin.

“Can my shipment be guaranteed to deliver on a certain day?”

No. Unfortunately for a host of reasons, freight shipments cannot be guaranteed to be delivered on a certain day. For more specific information about when a shipment would be delivered, please request that the tracking information for your order be provided in advance. This will allow you to contact the freight carrier using their website tracking portal, or to reach their phone support. They would issue as specific information as possible.

“Can I change the address my shipment is delivered to after the processing of my order?”

No. All orders are quoted in advance and are based upon the size, weight and destination of your order. Shipments cannot be consigned to a different address.

“Can I return my slatwall panels if I don’t like them?”

Slatwall panels are custom manufactured per your order and are not returnable. In order to avoid the chance of this happening, we urge you to request samples using our Slatwall Sample Request Form so that you can get a clear idea of what you’re ordering.

Knowing all of these details in advance of your delivery will ensure a smooth and hassle free experience. If you have any questions about these or any other of our policies, please visit the policies page of our website and don’t hesitate to ask the sales staff for clarification.

4 Pro Tips For Planning Your Store Fixtures Purchase: Part 1

subway-tile-fixturesMaking a store fixtures purchase can be trouble free or problematic. It’s the amount of planning that goes into your purchase that can make the difference between the two. Take these simple steps to ensure that you avoid many common problems.

1. Determine Your Budget

While the price ranges for many different types of products can vary greatly, the amount of money you have to invest in your business probably does not. Do some window shopping and begin to understand what to expect before you request pricing.

2. Research Your Display Options and Plan Your Installation

Slatwall Installation Side

Slatwall Installation Side

Take the time to research the different display systems and how each could work for you. How-to guides and reference articles can also offer tips. Once you’ve decided what type of display will work best, take specific measurements and consider overages for installation difficulties or last minute changes. Make a realistic plan that includes a specific time frame.

In the second part of this series we’ll discuss when to request pricing and how to prepare for your delivery. PART 2 HERE

Slatwall Installation

Slatwall Installation




4 Pro Tips For Planning Your Store Fixtures Purchase: Part 2

In the first part of our series on planning your store fixtures purchase we outlined the importance of determining your budget as well as researching your options. Below are the next showcasestwo steps in planning for a smooth store fixtures purchase.

3. Order Early and Avoid Last Minute Headaches

Compile a list of the items and part numbers needed including specifics like quantities and colors etc. Then request a price quote for your order and ask any additional questions. It’s always best to order early even if you can’t accept delivery. We can set a ship date for your order so that it would arrive as close to your target date as possible.

4. Plan Your Delivery

Most shipments will require that someone is available to inspect and receive the shipment. To reduce costs, a commercial address that is open between 9am-5pm is always recommended. Request tracking information so that you can know in advance of when your shipment may betruck-lg delivered. Most freight carriers will make only one attempt to deliver so use the tracking info to make sure you are there and have extra help to unload.

Follow these steps to make sure that your purchase, delivery and installation of your new store fixtures goes smoothly.

Gridwall Information and Installation

Slatwall Installation

4 Simple Freestanding Gridwall Displays That Work Well Anywhere!

Of course Gridwall is known for it’s versatility and ability to be configured in countless ways, but sometimes you need a way to display items quickly and simply with little effort. In a prior blog post we discussed some of the basics regarding gridwall panels and accessories. Now we’ll get specific about four types of freestanding floor displays that you can have up and working in a matter of days, all available in black, white or chrome.

Gridwall Gondola Display (Accessories Sold Separately)

Gridwall Gondola Display (Accessories Sold Separately)

The most common of these four types of freestanding gridwall panel displays is the Gondola merchandiser. It has four sides and measures 24″ deep and 48″ wide. The height of the display will depend on which height panel you choose to work with. Four gridwall panels 5′ high (#10-025BL) are bolted to one base (#12-002BL) and then joined together with nine universal joiner clips (#12-016BL). Most other gridwall accessories can be used on this display offering unlimited possibility. The black and white versions of this merchandiser can be purchased for around $95 + shipping. The accessories are sold separately and case pack requirements will offer additional panels for use elsewhere. The accessories pictured are the 48″ wide shelves (#D1348B) and 12″ shelf brackets (#13-029BL) and hangrail (#12-005BL). Continue reading

Creative Kitchen & Bath Creates an Amazing New Display with Blue Stain Pine Textured Slatwall!

When our friends at Creative Kitchen & Bath called to ask about display options for the showroom of their new location in Lexington Kentucky we weren’t suprised. Our Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels have been one of the hottest and most imaginative new wall display panel systems available anywhere. After talking with our team about what type of look they wanted and also visiting our website to see what finishes they liked, they settled on Blue Stain Pine. It’s rustic woodgrain pattern and oranges, yellows and blues were a great match for their showroom.


Creative Kitchen & Bath Showroom Display

Until recently, standard melamine slatwall panels had been a popular yet uninspired option for retail displays. The colors are basic, the surface flat, and the environment it creates is less rewarding. Well that has all changed with the introduction of our Textured 3D Slatwall Panels and Textured Woodgrain 3D Slatwall Panels. These designs have taken over the retail display industry and with good reason. How could Creative Kitchen & Bath prove to their customer that they were the best without the most exciting retail display available?


Color Matched Edge Trim

After providing the dimensions of their display areas to be covered, we talked about whether they wanted their grooves to match the face of the panel or be left unfinished aluminum. Since they planned to display designer plumbing fixtures, they felt it best to leave them unfinished aluminum. Of course, color matched edge trim to cover the exposed edges of the panels was necessary as their display would look incomplete without it.

Continue reading

Intellectual Property, Copyright Infringement and our struggle to protect our text and images.


Copyright Symbol

When we began making websites to offer our store fixtures and retail displays to the buying public, we had no idea that what we were creating, would be something that someone would want to take without our permission. Spending hours writing text, taking and editing photos, and developing the layouts for how we wanted our webpages to look was just never something that we thought other businesses would benefit from. Well, we were wrong.

There is a value to that time spent creating, editing, and maintaining the most current slatwall and gridwall content available on the internet. This value is protected by United States Copyright Law. It is the foundation upon which literature, music, art, news articles and so much more intellectual property can only attributed to the author or creator. A full registration and recognition of your copyrighted material from the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress is the only way to collect damages if you feel they exist.

We’ve discovered many instances over the years where competitors, and website design companies hired by those competitors, have taken our text, images and layouts without our permission and used them for their own financial gain. Slatwall color descriptions, and images seem to be a favorite for thieves. Our reporting this theft to the website hosting company where the competitors website is hosted usually results in the removal of our intellectual property, but this time consuming process also has a cost. This “DMCA Takedown”, is the first step when addressing the problem. Next is trying to determine if there are any damages worth pursuing. Finally, consulting with an intellectual property attorney to determine what your next steps are (if any), will answer all remaining questions you may have.

Do yourself a favor and obtain full copyright recognition from the copyright office at for your works to ensure that in the event of theft of your property, you have all options available. You’ll wish you had.

Have you ever had intellectual property taken and used without your permission? Tell us about it.

Used Displays vs. New Store Fixtures… Is It Really A Better Deal?

As our economy continues to improve, we’re all looking for ways to cut back on expenses. Rising costs, shrinking sales, and a darkening mood seem to be the new normal. If you own a retail store or business in need of displays or store fixtures; to improve your look or to display new merchandise, your first thought is often, “I should try to buy used to save”. While it is always a good idea to try to get the best deal, sometimes it’s possible to over-think the solution. Used store fixtures and retail displays might seem like a great way to control costs when outfitting your retail store, craft exhibit, or art display. Unfortunately, this rarely turns out to be the case.


Used vs New? Not usually worth the hassle.

Try to consider that many factors that contribute to an items cost are still figured into the selling price of a used gridwall panel, garment rack or store display. It still has to be purchased, transported from it’s source, sorted, repaired, handled and stored until it’s resold. The cost to administrate the transaction is the same as a new display also. Payroll, merchant credit card processing fees, the list goes on. In addition, consider that if the used display has to be shipped to you, this cost may be higher due to repackaging expenses. Oddly sized and oversized boxes are expensive after all.

Continue reading