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Old Painted Brick Textured Slatwall Panels Are The Latest To Join Our Unbeatable Selection!

Give your retail store charm and character by adding our newest textured slatwall finish, Old Painted Brick. Exposure to the elements is the only other way to create this unique looking store fixture display panel. Available colors are Red, Sandstone and Grey. All of our textured slatwall finishes include painted aluminum groove inserts to give them more weight bearing capacity. Add the matching edge trim to cover exposed edges, and pipe accessories to complete the look. Never before, has something so realistic looking been available for use in your boutique or shop. Request a price quote today!


Exclusive New Slatwall Pipe-Line Display Accessories Will Take Your Textured 3D Slatwall To The Next Level!

Slatwall Pipe Line Shelf w/ Hangrail (Rust Finish)

Slatwall Pipe Line Shelf w/ Hangrail (Rust Finish)

You’ve made the decision to use textured slatwall rather than a standard melamine finish, so why would you use the same old standard slatwall accessories on these dramatic looking panels? Imagine accessories that actually matched the artistry of the panels themselves – they’re finally available!  Pipe Line Shelves, Hangrails and Faceouts, for displaying items and hanging your newest styles, are yet another piece to the puzzle that will transform your uninspired retail environment into something that will make your customers’ shopping experience something that they’ll always remember.

12" Slatwall Pipe Faceout (Sandblast Finish)

12″ Slatwall Pipe Faceout (Sandblast Finish)

These versatile yet sturdy accessories are available in Rust, Sandblast, Black and Bronze. Pair the Rust finish with the Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Finishes for a weathered or worn look. The Black finish compliments nearly all of the panel finishes. Sandblast offers the look and feel of an urban or industrial area, while the Bronze is more of a decorative finish. For a limited time, these and all of the other slatwall accessories are discounted 10% when purchased with slatwall panels. These handcrafted displays take this already superior display system to the next level. Request a free price quote today!


Slatwall Pipe Hangrail (Rust Finish)

Slatwall Pipe Hangrail (Rust Finish)



Watch Our New Video About Textured 3D Designer Slatwall Panels!

Our new YouTube video features our 3D Designer Textured Slatwall Panels is out and you will be surprised how realistic the finishes truly are. Deep textures, rich colors, solid durability and a great value, make these panels a must have for your retail store.

Request a sample so that you can see for yourself!

New Slat-Design Textured Slatwall Finishes will change the way you think about Slatwall !


Grey Brick Slatwall

As the summer heat punishes the south and the west, it might be easy to hole up in your home or business and wait for the madness to end. I know, it’s easy for those in the north to say it, but now is the time to make preparations for the fall and winter retail sales season. Make plans now for a remodel of your retail store or boutique that will blow your customers away. Just in time, we’ve just introduced many new finishes of our Slat Design Textured Slatwall Panels that will give you the ultra-realistic look of exterior surfaces like Red Brick, or Natural Barnwood.

Slatwall paneling has been a retail industry mainstay for many years. In its most basic form, it serves its purpose well. Slotwall Display panels have evolved more recently into a much more versatile design tool that can be used for both look and purpose. Depending on your retail sales environment, the options just got much better.


Cool Weathered Wood Textured Slatwall

We’re proud to announce that our successful Slat-Design Textured Slatwall Panels line is expanding to include some very exciting and dramatic new styles. More color options to existing finishes, and all new finishes make this addition a development that you don’t want to miss.

To compliment our Sandstone and Red Brick Slatwall finishes, we’ve added Grey, Taupe, and White Brick textured Slatwall Panel Finishes. Our Natural, Whitewashed and Honey Maple Barnwood Slatwall finishes are now joined by Cool Weathered and Warm Weathered Wood. Natural and White Slate finishes are also very popular textured Slatwall finishes.


Rust Corrugated Metal Slatwall

Rust Corrugated and Galvanized Corrugated Metal will give your retail environment and industrial look and feel, while our Diamond Plate finishes are perfect for vehicle accessories. Last but not least, if something less specific is what you’re looking for, our abstract patterns will inspire you.


Blue Stain Pine Slatwall


Remember that standard slatwall panels, do not include aluminum channel inserts installed at our factory without an added charge. Our Slat-Design Textured Slatwall Panels include this groove option at NO additional charge. Textured Slatwall panels are also shipped in 2’h x 8’w sized panels for your installation convenience.

This exciting new Store Fixture and Display product addition has the potential to change the way we think about slatwall paneling. Don’t let it pass you by. Call us today for a delivered price quote, or to inquire about how to get a sample to see for yourself.

Exciting New Textured Slatwall Finishes and Panel Options

Our wildly successful Textured Slatwall Panels family just got bigger. As retail environments today require far more thought and planning than metal shelving and end caps, your customer wants to feel like they are being taken away to where your products meet their needs. Due to demand for more color and texture options, our production team came up with some new finishes that are sure to stimulate your imagination.


Blue Stain Pine Textured Wood Slatwall

To start, our real wood slatwall panel finishes have been converted to an MDF core to increase the  uniformity of the panel itself as well as reduce the possibility of warping, cracking or splitting. This gave us the option of adding some new color options for which a true wood core panel was not available. Blue Stain Pine is a color variation that’s actually created when the Mountain Pine Beetle introduces a fungus into the pine itself. This rare but charming color imperfection would be far too costly to offer as a real wood wall panel. Spruce, Walnut, Driftwood and two variations of Cedar round out our assortment of Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels.


Cool Weathered Wood Textured Slatwall

Our Barnwood Category is joined by both Warm Weathered and Cool Weathered Wood textured Slatwall Panels. This dramatic texture has an even rougher feel to it than our traditional Barnwood finish. The response to these textures and colors has been overwhelming as these types of retail display options were never available until now.


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