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Finally! Camo Slatwall Is Here!

We’ve been asked for it countless times and finally, it’s available. Camo textured slatwall panels in 6 exciting finishes give our industry leading list of finishes even more options. Outdoor clothing and products retailers, tactical and military supply retailers, and forestry / lumber related tool retailers will all find new and exciting ways to bring their displays to life.

Tan Camo Net Textured Slatwall is the first of these great new options. A brown leafy pattern with overlaid netting gives the appearance of a woodland environment that blends in so well. With the included metal groove inserts, they’ll offer years of service without question and hold much more weight than standard melamine slatwall.Tan Camo Net Slatwall Panels


The Green Watercolor Camouflage Slatwall takes you deep into the jungle with it’s different patches of green mixed to combine for this look.Green Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


The Grey Watercolor Camo Slatwall fits into an urban and wintery environment where spring, summer and fall colors have disappeared.Grey Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panel


Digital Camouflage is a pattern that originated in the U.S. Army in the 1970’s which tested well at both long and short range visibilities. This “Cool” digital style is used by military fighting forces all over the world today.Cool Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Use Warm Digital Camo textured slatwall with Cool Digital textured slatwall to create a unique look for your military surplus, electronics, or outdoor supply store.Warm Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Grey Camo Hatch slatwall is a pattern that uses alternating grey colors in a crossing pattern to be effective. Construction tools, urban wear, building materials, and manufacturing accessories are right at home on this display panel.Grey Camo Hatch Textured Slatwall Panels


All of these exciting textured slatwall finishes include the reinforced metal inserts for added strength. Decorative wall panels (without grooves) and freestanding floor display fixtures made to match will compliment your finish choice. Don’t forget the Pipeline accessories and matching aluminum edge trim to complete your new look.