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Do Athletic & Sports Mannequins Inspire Shoppers to Buy Sportswear and Workout Clothing?

female-running-mannequinsWhen shopping in a retail store, you’re likely to encounter many different styles of mannequins designed to model the latest styles of clothing. What does the pose of the mannequin say to you? If it’s an elegant pose are you inspired to buy more formal? If you see sports or athletic poses are you more likely to buy active wear or exercise clothing?

Retailers are using mannequins in more provocative poses that tell the customer that they can have an athletic or fit body style if they buy and wear the sports clothing being modeled. Our newest line of mannequins in running and sprinting poses gives the retailer the flexibility to feature many different types of clothing. Inspire your customer to lead a more active lifestyle with athletic mannequins wearing new exercise clothes from your retail store.



Freestanding Body Forms are a great way to display your new styles when a mannequin just isn’t in the budget.


Freestanding Body Forms

Mannequins, even used ones, can sometimes be very costly store fixtures. Depending on the level of detail, the opposability of the limbs, and the overall construction of the display fixture, you could sometimes spend as much as $500 per mannequin. While our selection of mannequins does include some cost effective options, other alternatives have to be considered.

Free Standing Full Round Body Forms offer the great benefit of both cost effectiveness and functionality. Armless or with arms, this display will feature all of your summertime styles and lighter outfits. These Body Form displays can be positioned in your boutique window, on a display table, platform, or a shelf on your sales floor. This versatility makes them a favorite clothing display option.

Their lightweight and durable construction offers years of service at a significantly lower cost than most other mannequin options. Used displays that have been in service for too long have a worn out look that can’t be scrubbed or washed away. New Freestanding Full Round Body Forms bring convenience and utility to your retail environment. Try one out today and see that these display fixtures belong in your store!

Your Retail Display Look, Layout and Store Fixture Assortment Make an Important First Impression. Don’t Waste It.

slatwall-fixturesSo, as a store owner you feel like you know how your retail space looks to your customer. Pretty straight forward isn’t it? Well it might surprise you to know that the first impression your customer gets when they walk through your door might be completely different than you think. To you the space is clean, bright and easy to shop. To your customer though, it might appear dingy, cramped and disorganized. How could the gap in these opinions be so great? Feedback from your customers and an analysis of your store planning objectives can help to ensure that your retail display strategy matches your sales approach and product assortment.

Does a dollar store use high end custom display fixtures? Does a chic urban boutique use standardized economy store fixtures? In either scenario, the first impression that your store makes to a customer has a lot to do with their desire to buy. We’ve all heard the cliché, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. It’s overused but true.

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The Retail Sales and Buying Season Is Here! Be prepared.

christmas-treeSchool’s back in session and there’s a chill in the air. The changing leaves and weekend football games can mean only one thing. The retail sales and buying season is here. Is your retail store ready?

Fall inventories have arrived or will very soon. Be prepared now by ensuring that your slatwall, gridwall and retail displays are up to date, in good condition and match your stores display scheme. In a another blog post, we highlighted the importance of the first impression made by your stores assortment of display fixtures. Worn, damaged or mis-matched displays should be replaced with new, efficient and stylish store fixtures that indicate to your customer that you care about your businesses appearance. Be prepared this retail season by ordering store fixtures while they’re still available, to avoid the rush.

Also, use this retail sales season to emphasize to your customers how easy it is to discuss products, facebook4answer questions and provide feedback using your Facebook page. Many businesses are simply not utilizing Facebook as a business tool that can help stay connected with customers and drive sales. Draw new Facebook users by offering promotions or discounts that are only available after “Liking” your page. The “Discussions” feature will allow you to address customer concerns directly and personally interact in message board or forum posting format. Visit our Facebook page today to provide feedback about this blog, our website, our products, or to just say hello.

Have a great retail sales season!