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FREE SHIPPING on Textured Slatwall Orders Of 16 Or More Panels!*


That’s right. Order 16 or more Textured or Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels and get FREE SHIPPING! Take advantage of this extraordinary program to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. PROMOTION ENDS 6/30/2017.

Plus, don’t forget that all slatwall accessories are discounted an additional 10% when purchased with slatwall panels. 

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*Free shipping applies to standard curbside freight delivery to a commercially zoned business address in the Continental U.S. 48 States for textured or textured woodgrain slatwall panels only. Someone must be present at the time of delivery to receive and unload the shipment from the truck. Additional charges will apply for orders delivered to: residences or residentially zoned locations, trade shows, exhibits, hotels, churches, military or government installations, limited access or restricted delivery locations. Free delivery promotion does not include liftgate truck service or inside delivery. Other exclusions and conditions may apply, contact your sales professional for complete details.

Finally! Camo Slatwall Is Here!

We’ve been asked for it countless times and finally, it’s available. Camo textured slatwall panels in 6 exciting finishes give our industry leading list of finishes even more options. Outdoor clothing and products retailers, tactical and military supply retailers, and forestry / lumber related tool retailers will all find new and exciting ways to bring their displays to life.

Tan Camo Net Textured Slatwall is the first of these great new options. A brown leafy pattern with overlaid netting gives the appearance of a woodland environment that blends in so well. With the included metal groove inserts, they’ll offer years of service without question and hold much more weight than standard melamine slatwall.Tan Camo Net Slatwall Panels


The Green Watercolor Camouflage Slatwall takes you deep into the jungle with it’s different patches of green mixed to combine for this look.Green Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


The Grey Watercolor Camo Slatwall fits into an urban and wintery environment where spring, summer and fall colors have disappeared.Grey Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panel


Digital Camouflage is a pattern that originated in the U.S. Army in the 1970’s which tested well at both long and short range visibilities. This “Cool” digital style is used by military fighting forces all over the world today.Cool Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Use Warm Digital Camo textured slatwall with Cool Digital textured slatwall to create a unique look for your military surplus, electronics, or outdoor supply store.Warm Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Grey Camo Hatch slatwall is a pattern that uses alternating grey colors in a crossing pattern to be effective. Construction tools, urban wear, building materials, and manufacturing accessories are right at home on this display panel.Grey Camo Hatch Textured Slatwall Panels


All of these exciting textured slatwall finishes include the reinforced metal inserts for added strength. Decorative wall panels (without grooves) and freestanding floor display fixtures made to match will compliment your finish choice. Don’t forget the Pipeline accessories and matching aluminum edge trim to complete your new look.

New Woodgrain Melamine Slatwall Offers an Inexpensive Alternative to Full Textured Panels!

Ash Barnwood Mel Slatwall

Ash Barnwood Melamine Slatwall

As solid color slatwall panels are becoming less popular, several new melamine woodgrain finishes have emerged that feature not only new color and a handsome grain pattern, but the appearance of age and elemental wear.  Ash Barnwood Melamine and Weathered Barnwood Melamine slatwall are great new options when a departure from standard solid colors is needed. Imagine that the sun, wind and rain creates a distressed wood pattern that looks like none of the others, but in a newer, more cost effective melamine finish.

When a darker color would be best for your retail environment, consider our new Walnut Melamine Slatwall. Fine furniture and cabinetry were the inspiration for this rich dark finish, taking you to your favorite Bed and Breakfast in the mountains.

Weathered Barnwood Mel Slatwall

Weathered Barnwood Melamine Slatwall

Walnut Mel Slatwall

Walnut Melamine Slatwall










Knotty Pine Melamine slatwall is the last of the new additions to our woodgrain melamine category. The golden coarse grain offers customers a feeling of a pleasant country store filled with jams, honeys and crafts.

Make your store fixtures and displays look different than your competitors. Shape your customers experience by showing how much you care about your products and services. Need installation tips? Our installation page will answer all of your questions. Request delivered pricing today for all of these exciting new melamine finishes!

Knotty Pine Melamine Slatwall

Knotty Pine Melamine Slatwall


Watch Our YouTube Video Featuring the Latest Distressed Wood and Automotive 3D Textured Slatwall Finishes With Edge Trim!!

Our newest YouTube video shows how 3D Textured Slatwall and Textured Woodgrain Slatwall have become such an amazing new way to create a retail or display environment. The dramatic look and feel of real materials inspires your customers’ imagination while they make important buying decisions. Our latest additions are to the Distressed Wood, Textured Woodgrain, Automotive and Abstract textured slatwall categories. Matching aluminum edge trim is also making its debut as an important finishing piece for your slatwall installation.

Athletic running shoes displayed on our Sun Baked Finished Concrete Slatwall, fishing and outfitting supplies displayed on our Old Painted Wood Slatwall, and automotive wheels on our Tire Tread Slatwall are just a few of the countless ways you can distance your store’s look from the competition. Don’t forget that all of these finishes are available as decorative panels without the grooves, or as freestanding floor fixtures. Request a sample today and see for yourself!


Rosewood Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Makes Its Debut

The Brazilian rainforest is home to the inspiration for our newest Textured Woodgrain Slatwall finish. Rosewood is the warmest of the woodgrains and will immediately add an exotic feel to your retail environment. It’s auburn and brown tones are most often found in fine furniture and musical instruments. The horizontal grooves disappear in the charming plank pattern leaving nothing to suggest that it’s a display panel. Request a sample today and see for yourself how beautiful this new Textured Woodgrain Slatwall finish really is.

Rosewood Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Rosewood Textured Woodgrain Slatwall


Another Price Reduction on Select Textured Slatwall Finishes!

Heavy Metal Rust Textured Slatwall

Heavy Metal Rust Textured Slatwall also available in Cold Grey

If you were considering adding Textured Slatwall to your retail environment or sales floor, now is the time! After recently changing our price structure to include significant volume discounts on all finishes, we’re decided to drop the price even more for our Cement and Slate finishes as well as Heavy Metal, Corrugated Metal and Diamond Plate. These are some of our most popular styles of Textured Slatwall, and they’re sure to become even more so. Watch our videos of these and all of our other unique Textured Slatwall finishes. Then request a sample of these exciting finishes using our Slatwall Sample Request Form.

Natural Cement Textured Slatwall

Natural Cement Textured Slatwall also available in Bleached Cement

Visit our website today to see that we continue to be the industry leader in both assortment of finishes as well as lowest pricing! Join our Facebook and Twitter communities and tell us how we’re doing.

Corrugated Metal Rust Textured Slatwall

Corrugated Metal Rust Textured Slatwall with rolled steel pattern also available in Galvanized Corrugated finish.

Silver Diamond Plate Slatwall

Silver Diamond Plate Textured Slatwall with stamped diamond plate pattern also available in Rust finish


Creative Kitchen & Bath Creates an Amazing New Display with Blue Stain Pine Textured Slatwall!

When our friends at Creative Kitchen & Bath called to ask about display options for the showroom of their new location in Lexington Kentucky we weren’t suprised. Our Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels have been one of the hottest and most imaginative new wall display panel systems available anywhere. After talking with our team about what type of look they wanted and also visiting our website to see what finishes they liked, they settled on Blue Stain Pine. It’s rustic woodgrain pattern and oranges, yellows and blues were a great match for their showroom.


Creative Kitchen & Bath Showroom Display

Until recently, standard melamine slatwall panels had been a popular yet uninspired option for retail displays. The colors are basic, the surface flat, and the environment it creates is less rewarding. Well that has all changed with the introduction of our Textured 3D Slatwall Panels and Textured Woodgrain 3D Slatwall Panels. These designs have taken over the retail display industry and with good reason. How could Creative Kitchen & Bath prove to their customer that they were the best without the most exciting retail display available?


Color Matched Edge Trim

After providing the dimensions of their display areas to be covered, we talked about whether they wanted their grooves to match the face of the panel or be left unfinished aluminum. Since they planned to display designer plumbing fixtures, they felt it best to leave them unfinished aluminum. Of course, color matched edge trim to cover the exposed edges of the panels was necessary as their display would look incomplete without it.

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New Sun Baked and Wave Finishes Add To Our Industry Leading Assortment of Textured 3D Slatwall!

American retailers and store owners have spoken and we’ve heard them. More colors and textures make our already giant selection of 3D textured slatwall panels even larger. Sun Baked Wood, Black Wave and White Wave are new textured slatwall finishes that are ready to make your display stand out.


Sun Baked Wood Textured Slatwall

Our ultra successful Distressed Wood category has a new addition that will add charm and warmth to your small or large display area. Sun Baked Wood takes the comfort of worn and aged wood paneling and adds the distinction of having been baked in the hot sun for years. This textured slatwall finish is ideal for a retail environment that features outdoor related products with a southwestern theme.


Black Wave Textured Slatwall


Gently breaking surf in the dark moonlight is the inspiration for this textured slatwall finish. Nighttime serenity with the promise of a new day soon to come is how you’ll feel using Black Wave Textured Display Panels. Use different colored wave finishes in different areas to contrast between retail spaces but also to maintain continuity and feel.

White Wave Textured Slatwall

White Wave Textured Slatwall

Contemporary design offers this peaceful pattern that won’t distract from the items being displayed. Brighten your space with White Wave Textured Slatwall Panels for a clean white color scheme that will ensure your customers are in a positive frame of mind. This finish is one of our most popular!

The sky’s the limit when considering our abstract textured slatwall finishes for your retail store or commercial display. These and all of the other textured and woodgrain slatwall panel finishes are also available without grooves if required. Areas that are out of reach, or simply used as a decor device may be why you choose to go “grooveless”.

Use your imagination and come up with a display look that even we haven’t seen. Do you have any suggestions for new and more exciting textured slatwall finishes? Let us know.


Significant Discounts for Textured Slatwall Panels are the Highlight of our New Pricing Structure!

textured-wood-slatwallWith the demand for textured slatwall panels skyrocketing, we’ve decided to add even more incentive to purchase by restructuring our pricing to feature even lower prices and volume discounts. Deeper discounts for quantities of between 16-59 total panels. For larger slatwall installation jobs, our 60-119 panel pricing is the lowest in the industry. If you thought these slatwall panels were an amazing value before, wait until you see what we’ve reduced them to.

Also consider that all of these panels can be manufactured without grooves so that they can be used in areas where fixtures are unnecessary. Pricing for these panels has been lowered also.

Our industry leading selection and superior customer service now leave you no choice but to choose AAADisplays.com for all of your store fixture needs. See for yourself today how much of a great value these slatwall display panels really are.

Watch Our New Video About Textured 3D Designer Slatwall Panels!

Our new YouTube video features our 3D Designer Textured Slatwall Panels is out and you will be surprised how realistic the finishes truly are. Deep textures, rich colors, solid durability and a great value, make these panels a must have for your retail store.

Request a sample so that you can see for yourself!

Tire Tread Slatwall is the hottest new finish of our Textured Slatwall Panel Line!

Tire Tread Slatwall can best be described as …….Amazing! It’s realistic look and feel will shock your customers! This retail display system can be used to feature your newest and most profitable auto accessory, off road, and outdoor product lines. Like all of the other textured slatwall panels, Tire Tread panels are 2 feet high by 8 feet wide and feature pre installed, paint matched aluminum groove inserts. This allows for much more weight bearing capacity than standard non-reinforced slatwall panels.


Tire Tread Textured Slatwall Panel

Imagine your premium truck wheels and rims displayed on the industries most jaw dropping new display panel finish. New tools and off road accessories as well. Your customers may talk more about the slatwall paneling than the items being displayed. Today is the day to request a sample of this wild new finish so you can see for yourself.

What other patterns or designs would you like to see converted to wall paneling?


Watch Our New YouTube Video about Textured Woodgrain Slatwall!

Our new YouTube video will give you the understanding you need to decide which Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panel finish is best for you. See for yourself!

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