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Add A Touch of Class To Your Retail Space With Our New Liz Line of Molded Hair Mannequins!

Give your newest styles a boost by displaying them on an exciting and bold new mannequin. Our new Liz line of Molded Hair Mannequins has a bright white finish, soft features and molded hair, creating that contemporary feel that you’re looking for. Modern poses on these display fixtures tell your customer that their outfits are new and stylish. A sturdy metal base and a cost effective price make these new mannequins a must have for your boutique or specialty clothing shop.

Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequins






Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequin

Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequin


Freestanding Body Forms are a great way to display your new styles when a mannequin just isn’t in the budget.


Freestanding Body Forms

Mannequins, even used ones, can sometimes be very costly store fixtures. Depending on the level of detail, the opposability of the limbs, and the overall construction of the display fixture, you could sometimes spend as much as $500 per mannequin. While our selection of mannequins does include some cost effective options, other alternatives have to be considered.

Free Standing Full Round Body Forms offer the great benefit of both cost effectiveness and functionality. Armless or with arms, this display will feature all of your summertime styles and lighter outfits. These Body Form displays can be positioned in your boutique window, on a display table, platform, or a shelf on your sales floor. This versatility makes them a favorite clothing display option.

Their lightweight and durable construction offers years of service at a significantly lower cost than most other mannequin options. Used displays that have been in service for too long have a worn out look that can’t be scrubbed or washed away. New Freestanding Full Round Body Forms bring convenience and utility to your retail environment. Try one out today and see that these display fixtures belong in your store!