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Add A Touch of Class To Your Retail Space With Our New Liz Line of Molded Hair Mannequins!

Give your newest styles a boost by displaying them on an exciting and bold new mannequin. Our new Liz line of Molded Hair Mannequins has a bright white finish, soft features and molded hair, creating that contemporary feel that you’re looking for. Modern poses on these display fixtures tell your customer that their outfits are new and stylish. A sturdy metal base and a cost effective price make these new mannequins a must have for your boutique or specialty clothing shop.

Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequins






Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequin

Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequin


Do Athletic & Sports Mannequins Inspire Shoppers to Buy Sportswear and Workout Clothing?

female-running-mannequinsWhen shopping in a retail store, you’re likely to encounter many different styles of mannequins designed to model the latest styles of clothing. What does the pose of the mannequin say to you? If it’s an elegant pose are you inspired to buy more formal? If you see sports or athletic poses are you more likely to buy active wear or exercise clothing?

Retailers are using mannequins in more provocative poses that tell the customer that they can have an athletic or fit body style if they buy and wear the sports clothing being modeled. Our newest line of mannequins in running and sprinting poses gives the retailer the flexibility to feature many different types of clothing. Inspire your customer to lead a more active lifestyle with athletic mannequins wearing new exercise clothes from your retail store.



Be Ready For Halloween With These Inexpensive and Versatile Gridwall Displays!


Gridwall Gondola Display with Wire Baskets and Shelves

Halloween is coming so it’s important to ensure that the displays you need are on the way and will be delivered on time for your retail store holiday promotions. As we approach the retail buying season, pre-planning  is a must to avoid delays. Survey your sales floor and utilize any unused space with freestanding gridwall displays that can be re-positioned quickly and easily as the need arises.

Gridwall displays can be freestanding on your sales floor in countless configurations, but the most common ways are Gondola, 4-Way Pinwheel, Triangle, and a single panel displaying items on both sides. These all require a base or T Base Leg accessories for the panels to properly stand and be mobile. For more specific info about Gridwall displays visit our Grid Info page.

SlatGrid is a display panel system that accepts most Slatwall and Gridwall accessories. This may be of better use if you already have lots of unused Slatwall accessories. Consider this difference when deciding what type of panels you need.

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4 Simple Freestanding Gridwall Displays That Work Well Anywhere!

Of course Gridwall is known for it’s versatility and ability to be configured in countless ways, but sometimes you need a way to display items quickly and simply with little effort. In a prior blog post we discussed some of the basics regarding gridwall panels and accessories. Now we’ll get specific about four types of freestanding floor displays that you can have up and working in a matter of days, all available in black, white or chrome.

Gridwall Gondola Display (Accessories Sold Separately)

Gridwall Gondola Display (Accessories Sold Separately)

The most common of these four types of freestanding gridwall panel displays is the Gondola merchandiser. It has four sides and measures 24″ deep and 48″ wide. The height of the display will depend on which height panel you choose to work with. Four gridwall panels 5′ high (#10-025BL) are bolted to one base (#12-002BL) and then joined together with nine universal joiner clips (#12-016BL). Most other gridwall accessories can be used on this display offering unlimited possibility. The black and white versions of this merchandiser can be purchased for around $95 + shipping. The accessories are sold separately and case pack requirements will offer additional panels for use elsewhere. The accessories pictured are the 48″ wide shelves (#D1348B) and 12″ shelf brackets (#13-029BL) and hangrail (#12-005BL). Continue reading