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Be Ready For Halloween With These Inexpensive and Versatile Gridwall Displays!


Gridwall Gondola Display with Wire Baskets and Shelves

Halloween is coming so it’s important to ensure that the displays you need are on the way and will be delivered on time for your retail store holiday promotions. As we approach the retail buying season, pre-planning  is a must to avoid delays. Survey your sales floor and utilize any unused space with freestanding gridwall displays that can be re-positioned quickly and easily as the need arises.

Gridwall displays can be freestanding on your sales floor in countless configurations, but the most common ways are Gondola, 4-Way Pinwheel, Triangle, and a single panel displaying items on both sides. These all require a base or T Base Leg accessories for the panels to properly stand and be mobile. For more specific info about Gridwall displays visit our Grid Info page.

SlatGrid is a display panel system that accepts most Slatwall and Gridwall accessories. This may be of better use if you already have lots of unused Slatwall accessories. Consider this difference when deciding what type of panels you need.

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4 Simple Freestanding Gridwall Displays That Work Well Anywhere!

Of course Gridwall is known for it’s versatility and ability to be configured in countless ways, but sometimes you need a way to display items quickly and simply with little effort. In a prior blog post we discussed some of the basics regarding gridwall panels and accessories. Now we’ll get specific about four types of freestanding floor displays that you can have up and working in a matter of days, all available in black, white or chrome.

Gridwall Gondola Display (Accessories Sold Separately)

Gridwall Gondola Display (Accessories Sold Separately)

The most common of these four types of freestanding gridwall panel displays is the Gondola merchandiser. It has four sides and measures 24″ deep and 48″ wide. The height of the display will depend on which height panel you choose to work with. Four gridwall panels 5′ high (#10-025BL) are bolted to one base (#12-002BL) and then joined together with nine universal joiner clips (#12-016BL). Most other gridwall accessories can be used on this display offering unlimited possibility. The black and white versions of this merchandiser can be purchased for around $95 + shipping. The accessories are sold separately and case pack requirements will offer additional panels for use elsewhere. The accessories pictured are the 48″ wide shelves (#D1348B) and 12″ shelf brackets (#13-029BL) and hangrail (#12-005BL). Continue reading

Slatwall and Gridwall Are Vastly Different. Choose Wisely!

“Slatwall or Gridwall? Well what’s the difference?”  It’s a very common question that should be explained in terms that most can understand. After all, you don’t have time to over analyze the decision. You just want your products up and organized in a way that looks good to your customer. And you don’t want to overpay to have it delivered.

small-mahogany Explained in basic terms, Slatwall is a wooden building material (medium density fiberboard), much like plywood. It’s sold in 4’h x   8’w sheets, and can be cut easily to fit your installation need. We recommend installation by a licensed contractor, but installation by the end user is not  difficult for anyone handy with tools. Slatwall Displays are shipped in a crate by truck/freight only, because of their size and weight. UPS and FedEx parcel  delivery don’t handle shipments like this, and if they did, you’d overpay. The  process to receive this type of shipment is hassle free if you know what to  expect. Slatwall panels are are shipped with or without metal inserts. This  groove option adds significantly to the panels price, but also triples the weight bearing capacity of the panel. We offer freestanding slatwall floor displays or they can be constructed from our slatwall panels by a carpentry professional. They are not a modular display system that can be assembled and added to according to your need. Slatwall is a sheet good building material only.

Gridwall panels are vastly different. Made from 1/4″ thick welded steel, this rigid mesh patternedgridwalldisp panel product is shipped in boxes of 3. These display products can be delivered by UPS Ground (depending on the size). Sizes vary and should be considered when laying out your retail display and is not generally cut to size. Grid Wall is generally considered to be the most versatile display system available. Used often at trade shows, craft expos, and outdoor events  all over, Gridwall can be assembled to create a booth or display that can be  disassembled. This display system can also be mounted on the wall in your retail  environment in a permanent installation. Slatwall Accessories and Gridwall Accessories are available in countless styles and are delivered very inexpensively.

When deciding which system you may want to use in your retail environment, any existing accessories you already own should be considered. SlatGrid is a grid panel system, like gridwall, that is able to accept both Slatwall and Gridwall accessories. A store room filled with slatwall hooks will work just fine on SlatGrid panels, saving time and money.

Take a trip to your local shopping mall to evaluate which system would better suit your needs. It’s a certainty that you’ll find both in use. We want to be of help when selecting Slatwall Panels or Gridwall Displays to ensure your retail store is set up with the best display products to fit your needs.

Hope your displays work well for you.

Understanding Gridwall: How to Design, Order, Assemble and Install the Most Versatile Retail Display System Available Today.

Gridwall Panels and Accessories

Gridwall Panels and Accessories

You’ve decided to do it. You’re finally taking action to start your own business. But you’re going to have to start small. Craft shows, art fairs and farmers markets are a great beginning and an inexpensive way to get your idea off the ground. Sometimes a shared retail space is another option to keep expenses low.

So how are you going to display your products? You can’t just stack them on the floor. If only an inexpensive and versatile system to accomplish this were available. Well there is. Gridwall panels and accessories are the most popular and economical way to display and organize products in any retail setting. Constructed of welded steel wire in a 3 inch on center grid pattern, gridwall can be configured in countless ways that will drive sales and fit your limited budget. Removable accessories allow for you to change the way your products are merchandised as often as you wish to.

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