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Be Ready For Halloween With These Inexpensive and Versatile Gridwall Displays!


Gridwall Gondola Display with Wire Baskets and Shelves

Halloween is coming so it’s important to ensure that the displays you need are on the way and will be delivered on time for your retail store holiday promotions. As we approach the retail buying season, pre-planning  is a must to avoid delays. Survey your sales floor and utilize any unused space with freestanding gridwall displays that can be re-positioned quickly and easily as the need arises.

Gridwall displays can be freestanding on your sales floor in countless configurations, but the most common ways are Gondola, 4-Way Pinwheel, Triangle, and a single panel displaying items on both sides. These all require a base or T Base Leg accessories for the panels to properly stand and be mobile. For more specific info about Gridwall displays visit our Grid Info page.

SlatGrid is a display panel system that accepts most Slatwall and Gridwall accessories. This may be of better use if you already have lots of unused Slatwall accessories. Consider this difference when deciding what type of panels you need.

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Understanding Gridwall: How to Design, Order, Assemble and Install the Most Versatile Retail Display System Available Today.

Gridwall Panels and Accessories

Gridwall Panels and Accessories

You’ve decided to do it. You’re finally taking action to start your own business. But you’re going to have to start small. Craft shows, art fairs and farmers markets are a great beginning and an inexpensive way to get your idea off the ground. Sometimes a shared retail space is another option to keep expenses low.

So how are you going to display your products? You can’t just stack them on the floor. If only an inexpensive and versatile system to accomplish this were available. Well there is. Gridwall panels and accessories are the most popular and economical way to display and organize products in any retail setting. Constructed of welded steel wire in a 3 inch on center grid pattern, gridwall can be configured in countless ways that will drive sales and fit your limited budget. Removable accessories allow for you to change the way your products are merchandised as often as you wish to.

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