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New Reversible Top Laminated Wood Display Table Set Gives You More Flexibility!

Just out, these new and versatile display table set combos give you the option of a reversible tabletop in two color configurations. Choose from Cherry / Maple or our popular Black / White. Use the two tables together, or in different locations to better locate your retail displays and customer traffic. Economically priced, they’re a great option for any retail store setting!

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Cherry / Maple

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Cherry / Maple

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Black / White

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Black / White


Do Athletic & Sports Mannequins Inspire Shoppers to Buy Sportswear and Workout Clothing?

female-running-mannequinsWhen shopping in a retail store, you’re likely to encounter many different styles of mannequins designed to model the latest styles of clothing. What does the pose of the mannequin say to you? If it’s an elegant pose are you inspired to buy more formal? If you see sports or athletic poses are you more likely to buy active wear or exercise clothing?

Retailers are using mannequins in more provocative poses that tell the customer that they can have an athletic or fit body style if they buy and wear the sports clothing being modeled. Our newest line of mannequins in running and sprinting poses gives the retailer the flexibility to feature many different types of clothing. Inspire your customer to lead a more active lifestyle with athletic mannequins wearing new exercise clothes from your retail store.



New Woodgrain Melamine Slatwall Offers an Inexpensive Alternative to Full Textured Panels!

Ash Barnwood Mel Slatwall

Ash Barnwood Melamine Slatwall

As solid color slatwall panels are becoming less popular, several new melamine woodgrain finishes have emerged that feature not only new color and a handsome grain pattern, but the appearance of age and elemental wear.  Ash Barnwood Melamine and Weathered Barnwood Melamine slatwall are great new options when a departure from standard solid colors is needed. Imagine that the sun, wind and rain creates a distressed wood pattern that looks like none of the others, but in a newer, more cost effective melamine finish.

When a darker color would be best for your retail environment, consider our new Walnut Melamine Slatwall. Fine furniture and cabinetry were the inspiration for this rich dark finish, taking you to your favorite Bed and Breakfast in the mountains.

Weathered Barnwood Mel Slatwall

Weathered Barnwood Melamine Slatwall

Walnut Mel Slatwall

Walnut Melamine Slatwall










Knotty Pine Melamine slatwall is the last of the new additions to our woodgrain melamine category. The golden coarse grain offers customers a feeling of a pleasant country store filled with jams, honeys and crafts.

Make your store fixtures and displays look different than your competitors. Shape your customers experience by showing how much you care about your products and services. Need installation tips? Our installation page will answer all of your questions. Request delivered pricing today for all of these exciting new melamine finishes!

Knotty Pine Melamine Slatwall

Knotty Pine Melamine Slatwall


Exclusive New Slatwall Pipe-Line Display Accessories Will Take Your Textured 3D Slatwall To The Next Level!

Slatwall Pipe Line Shelf w/ Hangrail (Rust Finish)

Slatwall Pipe Line Shelf w/ Hangrail (Rust Finish)

You’ve made the decision to use textured slatwall rather than a standard melamine finish, so why would you use the same old standard slatwall accessories on these dramatic looking panels? Imagine accessories that actually matched the artistry of the panels themselves – they’re finally available!  Pipe Line Shelves, Hangrails and Faceouts, for displaying items and hanging your newest styles, are yet another piece to the puzzle that will transform your uninspired retail environment into something that will make your customers’ shopping experience something that they’ll always remember.

12" Slatwall Pipe Faceout (Sandblast Finish)

12″ Slatwall Pipe Faceout (Sandblast Finish)

These versatile yet sturdy accessories are available in Rust, Sandblast, Black and Bronze. Pair the Rust finish with the Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Finishes for a weathered or worn look. The Black finish compliments nearly all of the panel finishes. Sandblast offers the look and feel of an urban or industrial area, while the Bronze is more of a decorative finish. For a limited time, these and all of the other slatwall accessories are discounted 10% when purchased with slatwall panels. These handcrafted displays take this already superior display system to the next level. Request a free price quote today!


Slatwall Pipe Hangrail (Rust Finish)

Slatwall Pipe Hangrail (Rust Finish)



Cherry Showcases and Store Fixtures Add Sophistication to Any Retail Store!

Full Vision Cherry Showcases available in 4', 5' and 6' sizes.

Full Vision Cherry Showcases available in 4′, 5′ and 6′ sizes.

As retail store owners transition from plain white & black store fixtures, slatwall and gridwall to much more exciting and dynamic displays, woodgrains continue to grow in popularity. Cherry showcases and store fixtures are the newest addition to our retail displays family and are proving to have been worth the wait.

Cherry Pentagon Corner / End Showcase

Cherry Pentagon Corner / End Showcase

Rich and deep wood tones convey to your customer that your store and shopping experience are inviting and elegant. Give your retail environment the charm that you want your customer to experience. A small dress boutique with the accessories and checkout area outfitted with White display showcases cannot be compared to the same boutique with handsome lighting and Cherry Showcases filled with all of your newest styles and designs.

In stock and shipped to you fast, these Cherry Showcases are the centerpiece to design any store layout around.

Cherry Tri-Corner Showcase

Cherry Tri-Corner Showcase



4 Pro Tips For Planning Your Store Fixtures Purchase: Part 1

subway-tile-fixturesMaking a store fixtures purchase can be trouble free or problematic. It’s the amount of planning that goes into your purchase that can make the difference between the two. Take these simple steps to ensure that you avoid many common problems.

1. Determine Your Budget

While the price ranges for many different types of products can vary greatly, the amount of money you have to invest in your business probably does not. Do some window shopping and begin to understand what to expect before you request pricing.

2. Research Your Display Options and Plan Your Installation

Slatwall Installation Side

Slatwall Installation Side

Take the time to research the different display systems and how each could work for you. How-to guides and reference articles can also offer tips. Once you’ve decided what type of display will work best, take specific measurements and consider overages for installation difficulties or last minute changes. Make a realistic plan that includes a specific time frame.

In the second part of this series we’ll discuss when to request pricing and how to prepare for your delivery. PART 2 HERE

Slatwall Installation

Slatwall Installation




4 Pro Tips For Planning Your Store Fixtures Purchase: Part 2

In the first part of our series on planning your store fixtures purchase we outlined the importance of determining your budget as well as researching your options. Below are the next showcasestwo steps in planning for a smooth store fixtures purchase.

3. Order Early and Avoid Last Minute Headaches

Compile a list of the items and part numbers needed including specifics like quantities and colors etc. Then request a price quote for your order and ask any additional questions. It’s always best to order early even if you can’t accept delivery. We can set a ship date for your order so that it would arrive as close to your target date as possible.

4. Plan Your Delivery

Most shipments will require that someone is available to inspect and receive the shipment. To reduce costs, a commercial address that is open between 9am-5pm is always recommended. Request tracking information so that you can know in advance of when your shipment may betruck-lg delivered. Most freight carriers will make only one attempt to deliver so use the tracking info to make sure you are there and have extra help to unload.

Follow these steps to make sure that your purchase, delivery and installation of your new store fixtures goes smoothly.

Gridwall Information and Installation

Slatwall Installation

Freight Shipping Your Store Fixtures & Displays Order Is Expensive. Right?

truckBoth buyers and sellers braving the internet to purchase their store fixtures and displays are all too familiar with one of the biggest obstacles to a purchase’s cost effectiveness. Shipping.

In this context, the word itself seems to inspire an almost universally negative knee jerk reaction. The average consumer believes that shipping charges are a rip-off, and reacts angrily “that’s where they make all their money”. Lured by the ultra low priced slatwall panels and gridwall displays offered by online retailers, and forced to accept that shipping charges are an unavoidable part of the cost of their retail display fixture, buyers would be comforted if they took several important factors into consideration. But first the basics.

Most less than truckload shipments of garment racks and store fixtures are delivered in one of two ways; Parcel Package Delivery, and Truck/Freight depending on the size, weight and destination of your shipment. Smaller shipments that consist of around 10 or less smaller boxes are more cost effective to ship by UPS Ground. Orders with more pieces, or that consist of larger oversized slatwall panels, gridwall displays or clothes display racks must be shipped by Truck/Freight. 

Its true that for smaller retail display shipments, Parcel Package Delivery is a far less costly deliveryups-truck option and is the only way to go. But more often than you would think, as the shopper determines his/her need, the shipment will grow to such a size that both methods must be considered. In some cases, Parcel Package Delivery becomes far more costly as the package count rises. A store fixture shipment consisting of 20 pieces will be much more expensive by UPS than Truck/Freight to most locations. A threshold of $20 per box can get pretty pricey whereas the freight rate is almost unaffected by the slight increase in weight that each additional box adds.

Additionally, loss, damage and separation are far less common for freight shipments as each shipment consists of 1 larger palletized package. When delivering individually, the occurrence of loss or damage is far more common when your order consists of essentially 10 separate shipments. 

There is one factor that can derail the theory that Truck/Freight is more cost effective (for some displays shipments) than otherwise considered. Truck/Freight shipments delivered to residences are more costly than commercial addresses because of the fact that different vehicles must be used when navigating residentially zoned areas. Required by your local government, these smaller delivery trucks are safer to operate in these areas.

The next time your salesperson advises you that your order will be shipped by truck freight, take the time to consider that this might be a good thing. 

Used Displays vs. New Store Fixtures… Is It Really A Better Deal?

As our economy continues to improve, we’re all looking for ways to cut back on expenses. Rising costs, shrinking sales, and a darkening mood seem to be the new normal. If you own a retail store or business in need of displays or store fixtures; to improve your look or to display new merchandise, your first thought is often, “I should try to buy used to save”. While it is always a good idea to try to get the best deal, sometimes it’s possible to over-think the solution. Used store fixtures and retail displays might seem like a great way to control costs when outfitting your retail store, craft exhibit, or art display. Unfortunately, this rarely turns out to be the case.


Used vs New? Not usually worth the hassle.

Try to consider that many factors that contribute to an items cost are still figured into the selling price of a used gridwall panel, garment rack or store display. It still has to be purchased, transported from it’s source, sorted, repaired, handled and stored until it’s resold. The cost to administrate the transaction is the same as a new display also. Payroll, merchant credit card processing fees, the list goes on. In addition, consider that if the used display has to be shipped to you, this cost may be higher due to repackaging expenses. Oddly sized and oversized boxes are expensive after all.

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Reduce headaches by following these steps when ordering your Store Fixtures and Retail Displays!

As we approach the retail buying season, it’s time to make any last minute preparations to our retail stores in advance of the upcoming sales season. Consider a few ways to ensure that your store fixtures and displays purchase goes smoothly and arrives on time.


This is by far the most common mistake made when businesses determine that they need to purchase a retail display product. Most of our in stock products ship within a few business days of the receipt and process of your order, and arrive approximately 3-5 business days from ship date. This excludes many truck freight only items like slatwall, gridwall and showcases. When asked if an item can be delivered within the next day or so the answer is almost invariably No. You should always consider 5-7 business days from your order date to be the earliest items could possibly be delivered. Plan ahead and give yourself as much time as possible.


Measure your wall and floor space carefully to be sure that your plan matches your order. Needing to place a second supporting order is more time and cost that you could avoid with smart planning.


The general rule is, the larger the shipment, the less costly it is it ends up being per item. Other businesses in your area may like to cooperate to save money.


Delivery to either an unoccupied address, or delivery to an address where a contractor or other unrelated 3rd party will be relied upon to receive your shipment is never recommended. The receipt of your shipment is an important process to confirm your items piece count and condition. When an unrelated party signs for your shipment in good order (even though it’s damaged), they generally don’t care, and you’re left holding the bag.

Follow these steps when ordering your store fixtures and displays to make an already easy process even easier.


Your Retail Display Look, Layout and Store Fixture Assortment Make an Important First Impression. Don’t Waste It.

slatwall-fixturesSo, as a store owner you feel like you know how your retail space looks to your customer. Pretty straight forward isn’t it? Well it might surprise you to know that the first impression your customer gets when they walk through your door might be completely different than you think. To you the space is clean, bright and easy to shop. To your customer though, it might appear dingy, cramped and disorganized. How could the gap in these opinions be so great? Feedback from your customers and an analysis of your store planning objectives can help to ensure that your retail display strategy matches your sales approach and product assortment.

Does a dollar store use high end custom display fixtures? Does a chic urban boutique use standardized economy store fixtures? In either scenario, the first impression that your store makes to a customer has a lot to do with their desire to buy. We’ve all heard the cliché, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. It’s overused but true.

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The Retail Sales and Buying Season Is Here! Be prepared.

christmas-treeSchool’s back in session and there’s a chill in the air. The changing leaves and weekend football games can mean only one thing. The retail sales and buying season is here. Is your retail store ready?

Fall inventories have arrived or will very soon. Be prepared now by ensuring that your slatwall, gridwall and retail displays are up to date, in good condition and match your stores display scheme. In a another blog post, we highlighted the importance of the first impression made by your stores assortment of display fixtures. Worn, damaged or mis-matched displays should be replaced with new, efficient and stylish store fixtures that indicate to your customer that you care about your businesses appearance. Be prepared this retail season by ordering store fixtures while they’re still available, to avoid the rush.

Also, use this retail sales season to emphasize to your customers how easy it is to discuss products, facebook4answer questions and provide feedback using your Facebook page. Many businesses are simply not utilizing Facebook as a business tool that can help stay connected with customers and drive sales. Draw new Facebook users by offering promotions or discounts that are only available after “Liking” your page. The “Discussions” feature will allow you to address customer concerns directly and personally interact in message board or forum posting format. Visit our Facebook page today to provide feedback about this blog, our website, our products, or to just say hello.

Have a great retail sales season!