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FREE SHIPPING on Textured Slatwall Orders Of 16 Or More Panels!*


That’s right. Order 16 or more Textured or Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels and get FREE SHIPPING! Take advantage of this extraordinary program to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. PROMOTION ENDS 6/30/2017.

Plus, don’t forget that all slatwall accessories are discounted an additional 10% when purchased with slatwall panels. 

Call our sales professionals today to find out how much you’ll save with FREE SHIPPING on Textured Slatwall and Textured Woodgrain Slatwall panels.         866-421-0961


*Free shipping applies to standard curbside freight delivery to a commercially zoned business address in the Continental U.S. 48 States for textured or textured woodgrain slatwall panels only. Someone must be present at the time of delivery to receive and unload the shipment from the truck. Additional charges will apply for orders delivered to: residences or residentially zoned locations, trade shows, exhibits, hotels, churches, military or government installations, limited access or restricted delivery locations. Free delivery promotion does not include liftgate truck service or inside delivery. Other exclusions and conditions may apply, contact your sales professional for complete details.

New Woodgrain Melamine Slatwall Offers an Inexpensive Alternative to Full Textured Panels!

Ash Barnwood Mel Slatwall

Ash Barnwood Melamine Slatwall

As solid color slatwall panels are becoming less popular, several new melamine woodgrain finishes have emerged that feature not only new color and a handsome grain pattern, but the appearance of age and elemental wear.  Ash Barnwood Melamine and Weathered Barnwood Melamine slatwall are great new options when a departure from standard solid colors is needed. Imagine that the sun, wind and rain creates a distressed wood pattern that looks like none of the others, but in a newer, more cost effective melamine finish.

When a darker color would be best for your retail environment, consider our new Walnut Melamine Slatwall. Fine furniture and cabinetry were the inspiration for this rich dark finish, taking you to your favorite Bed and Breakfast in the mountains.

Weathered Barnwood Mel Slatwall

Weathered Barnwood Melamine Slatwall

Walnut Mel Slatwall

Walnut Melamine Slatwall










Knotty Pine Melamine slatwall is the last of the new additions to our woodgrain melamine category. The golden coarse grain offers customers a feeling of a pleasant country store filled with jams, honeys and crafts.

Make your store fixtures and displays look different than your competitors. Shape your customers experience by showing how much you care about your products and services. Need installation tips? Our installation page will answer all of your questions. Request delivered pricing today for all of these exciting new melamine finishes!

Knotty Pine Melamine Slatwall

Knotty Pine Melamine Slatwall


4 Pro Tips For Planning Your Store Fixtures Purchase: Part 1

subway-tile-fixturesMaking a store fixtures purchase can be trouble free or problematic. It’s the amount of planning that goes into your purchase that can make the difference between the two. Take these simple steps to ensure that you avoid many common problems.

1. Determine Your Budget

While the price ranges for many different types of products can vary greatly, the amount of money you have to invest in your business probably does not. Do some window shopping and begin to understand what to expect before you request pricing.

2. Research Your Display Options and Plan Your Installation

Slatwall Installation Side

Slatwall Installation Side

Take the time to research the different display systems and how each could work for you. How-to guides and reference articles can also offer tips. Once you’ve decided what type of display will work best, take specific measurements and consider overages for installation difficulties or last minute changes. Make a realistic plan that includes a specific time frame.

In the second part of this series we’ll discuss when to request pricing and how to prepare for your delivery. PART 2 HERE

Slatwall Installation

Slatwall Installation




Another Price Reduction on Select Textured Slatwall Finishes!

Heavy Metal Rust Textured Slatwall

Heavy Metal Rust Textured Slatwall also available in Cold Grey

If you were considering adding Textured Slatwall to your retail environment or sales floor, now is the time! After recently changing our price structure to include significant volume discounts on all finishes, we’re decided to drop the price even more for our Cement and Slate finishes as well as Heavy Metal, Corrugated Metal and Diamond Plate. These are some of our most popular styles of Textured Slatwall, and they’re sure to become even more so. Watch our videos of these and all of our other unique Textured Slatwall finishes. Then request a sample of these exciting finishes using our Slatwall Sample Request Form.

Natural Cement Textured Slatwall

Natural Cement Textured Slatwall also available in Bleached Cement

Visit our website today to see that we continue to be the industry leader in both assortment of finishes as well as lowest pricing! Join our Facebook and Twitter communities and tell us how we’re doing.

Corrugated Metal Rust Textured Slatwall

Corrugated Metal Rust Textured Slatwall with rolled steel pattern also available in Galvanized Corrugated finish.

Silver Diamond Plate Slatwall

Silver Diamond Plate Textured Slatwall with stamped diamond plate pattern also available in Rust finish


Tire Tread Slatwall is the hottest new finish of our Textured Slatwall Panel Line!

Tire Tread Slatwall can best be described as …….Amazing! It’s realistic look and feel will shock your customers! This retail display system can be used to feature your newest and most profitable auto accessory, off road, and outdoor product lines. Like all of the other textured slatwall panels, Tire Tread panels are 2 feet high by 8 feet wide and feature pre installed, paint matched aluminum groove inserts. This allows for much more weight bearing capacity than standard non-reinforced slatwall panels.


Tire Tread Textured Slatwall Panel

Imagine your premium truck wheels and rims displayed on the industries most jaw dropping new display panel finish. New tools and off road accessories as well. Your customers may talk more about the slatwall paneling than the items being displayed. Today is the day to request a sample of this wild new finish so you can see for yourself.

What other patterns or designs would you like to see converted to wall paneling?


Slatwall Installation: The Ultimate Guide to Installing Slatwall Panels.

As one of the oldest and most respected online retailers of slatwall panels, we answer a wide array of questions regarding our products. “How do I assemble my rack?”, “How do I set up my gridwall craft show booth?”, and “Where should my display table be placed in my store?” are some great examples. The one subject about which store owners have the most questions is the installation of slatwall panels.

Licensed & Insured Contractor Hanging Slatwall

First things first. We recommend the installation of slatwall panels by a licensed and insured contractor familiar with local building codes. But should you choose to do the job yourself, don’t forget the safety eye wear and gloves, and read our great tutorial for help.

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Slatwall and Gridwall Are Vastly Different. Choose Wisely!

“Slatwall or Gridwall? Well what’s the difference?”  It’s a very common question that should be explained in terms that most can understand. After all, you don’t have time to over analyze the decision. You just want your products up and organized in a way that looks good to your customer. And you don’t want to overpay to have it delivered.

small-mahogany Explained in basic terms, Slatwall is a wooden building material (medium density fiberboard), much like plywood. It’s sold in 4’h x   8’w sheets, and can be cut easily to fit your installation need. We recommend installation by a licensed contractor, but installation by the end user is not  difficult for anyone handy with tools. Slatwall Displays are shipped in a crate by truck/freight only, because of their size and weight. UPS and FedEx parcel  delivery don’t handle shipments like this, and if they did, you’d overpay. The  process to receive this type of shipment is hassle free if you know what to  expect. Slatwall panels are are shipped with or without metal inserts. This  groove option adds significantly to the panels price, but also triples the weight bearing capacity of the panel. We offer freestanding slatwall floor displays or they can be constructed from our slatwall panels by a carpentry professional. They are not a modular display system that can be assembled and added to according to your need. Slatwall is a sheet good building material only.

Gridwall panels are vastly different. Made from 1/4″ thick welded steel, this rigid mesh patternedgridwalldisp panel product is shipped in boxes of 3. These display products can be delivered by UPS Ground (depending on the size). Sizes vary and should be considered when laying out your retail display and is not generally cut to size. Grid Wall is generally considered to be the most versatile display system available. Used often at trade shows, craft expos, and outdoor events  all over, Gridwall can be assembled to create a booth or display that can be  disassembled. This display system can also be mounted on the wall in your retail  environment in a permanent installation. Slatwall Accessories and Gridwall Accessories are available in countless styles and are delivered very inexpensively.

When deciding which system you may want to use in your retail environment, any existing accessories you already own should be considered. SlatGrid is a grid panel system, like gridwall, that is able to accept both Slatwall and Gridwall accessories. A store room filled with slatwall hooks will work just fine on SlatGrid panels, saving time and money.

Take a trip to your local shopping mall to evaluate which system would better suit your needs. It’s a certainty that you’ll find both in use. We want to be of help when selecting Slatwall Panels or Gridwall Displays to ensure your retail store is set up with the best display products to fit your needs.

Hope your displays work well for you.

Textured Slatwall Keeps Getting Better!

Natural Cement

Natural Cement

As the demand for new and exciting ways to display your products evolves, so too does our assortment of  retail store fixtures. We’ve highlighted in prior blog posts how Textured Slatwall Panels differ from standard LPL panels, so it’s time to introduce several new finishes that will surely compliment any urban or industrial retail design theme.

Unfinished construction and building supply come to mind when describing the look of our Cement Textured Slatwall Panels. Two shades of concrete with imperfections and rough texture, (Bleached, and Natural) Cement Textured Slatwall panels will integrate seamlessly with your urban or worn industrial design approach. Combine these textured slatwall panels with Slatwall Hooks and Accessories, Slatwall Shelves, and Slatwall wire baskets to create a unique wall display area with the look and feel of real hand troweled concrete.

Natural Cedar Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Natural Cedar Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Another amazing innovation in the display panel category is the addition of textured woodgrain slatwall panels. These panels have the look and feel of real solid wood slatwall panels yet are durable and cost effective like traditional slatwall panels. Their medium density fiberboard core won’t split, crack or warp. Blue Stain Pine, Spruce, Walnut, Driftwood, Natural Cedar, and Red Cedar are available all with aluminum reinforced groove inserts included. You’ll notice the difference right away in how your environment is transformed from a cold retail enclosure to a warm and inviting space that will put your customer at ease.

Why outfit your store with standard low pressure laminate slatwall panels when you could use the most exciting new retail store fixture concept out there. Request a sample today to see for yourself. Do you have any ideas for new finishes? We’d love to hear your thoughts.