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Melamine Slatwall Panels vs. Veneer Slatwall Panels Explained…

One of the most common questions about slatwall that we answer is, “What is melamine? What does that mean?” It’s simple, melamine (pronounced [mel – uh – meen]) is a strong, hard plastic compound used in the production of material coverings. In slatwall, it’s the sheet material that’s Hardrock Maple Melamine Slatwall Panelsadhered to the face of the core panel (MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard), which gives the panel it’s look. This low pressure laminate is paper thin, and available in all types of different looking finishes. Woodgrain melamine slatwall finishes however, are pre-finished, and are not real wood surfaces. They’re just designed to look real and are not meant to be sanded or painted.

Red Oak Veneer Slatwall Panels

Veneer slatwall panels on the other hand, are panels that have a real wood or real aluminum face. The Stainable Red Oak (above), and Maple Veneer slatwall panels can be sanded and stained to achieve the look that you need.  They’re a great option if you’re trying to match an existing wood tone, giving you control over the resulting woodgrain color.Brushed Aluminum Veneer Slatwall Panels

Brushed Aluminum Veneer Slatwall panels (above), offer the “no doubt about it” look and feel of real aluminum sheeting which simply can’t be duplicated without some loss of authenticity.

It’s important to note that some finishes are offered in both real veneer and melamine laminate finishes. While they’re similar in name, the visible differences are obvious. Take a look below.mel-vs-veneer

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the available finish types of slatwall panels before you order your slatwall panels so that you get exactly what you need. Next, consider adding the aluminum channel inserts to your panels to increase weight bearing capacity. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget about Textured Slatwall Panels. They offer a whole new world of retail store fixture and display panel looks. We’ve also published a slatwall panels installation guide that will answer any questions you have about how to hang your new panels. Lastly, we’re always here to answer any additional questions you may have about your store fixtures and displays. Call us at 866-421-0961 and see for yourself!

Watch Our New Video Featuring 3D Freestanding Textured Slatwall Displays!

Wondering how to fill open floor space in your retail store in a unique and interesting way? Our new 3D Freestanding Textured Slatwall Pipe Display Fixtures and Pipe Accessories are the most exciting option right now. Available in any of the Textured and Textured Woodgrain finishes, these store fixtures can be positioned anywhere needed. Watch our video to get an idea how you can use these displays in your open floor space.

Uncrating Your Textured Slatwall Shipment is a Snap!


A Crated and Banded Shipment of Textured Slatwall Fixtures

After spending the time and effort to plan your textured slatwall installation, the last thing that you need is for your panels to arrive damaged. Fortunately great care is taken to package, crate and band your panels to a pallet that will make the journey to your door a safe one. Eliminating damage is a time saver for everyone.


Un-band Your Shipment

Because of their size and weight, textured slatwall panels and textured slatwall floor fixtures must ship by truck / freight. If the carrier calls you in advance of your delivery and advises that you will need a loading dock and forklift to receive your shipment, don’t panic. You don’t need either of these. Your shipment can be un-banded and opened right in the back of the truck. Then thoroughly inspect each panel and fixture for damage while unloading each piece one at a time. Make sure to note the drivers delivery receipt if there is damage and refuse any unusable portions.

The displays pictured are Freestanding Textured Slatwall Fixtures with a pipe frame. Styrofoam packaging for protection and neat organization of your fixtures inside the crate ensure that the transit from our factory to your door is fast and convenient.

Be ready when your shipment arrives and the delivery will go smoothly so that you can begin the transformation of your retail store.


Inside The Crate are All Of The Parts Needed for Your Textured Slatwall Display

Watch Our YouTube Video Featuring the Latest Distressed Wood and Automotive 3D Textured Slatwall Finishes With Edge Trim!!

Our newest YouTube video shows how 3D Textured Slatwall and Textured Woodgrain Slatwall have become such an amazing new way to create a retail or display environment. The dramatic look and feel of real materials inspires your customers’ imagination while they make important buying decisions. Our latest additions are to the Distressed Wood, Textured Woodgrain, Automotive and Abstract textured slatwall categories. Matching aluminum edge trim is also making its debut as an important finishing piece for your slatwall installation.

Athletic running shoes displayed on our Sun Baked Finished Concrete Slatwall, fishing and outfitting supplies displayed on our Old Painted Wood Slatwall, and automotive wheels on our Tire Tread Slatwall are just a few of the countless ways you can distance your store’s look from the competition. Don’t forget that all of these finishes are available as decorative panels without the grooves, or as freestanding floor fixtures. Request a sample today and see for yourself!


Treehouse Gift & Home Updates The Look And Feel Of Their Store With Walnut Textured Wood Slatwall!

Treehouse Gift & HomeIn their slow sales season, many retailers decide to take the time to remodel and upgrade their retail displays and store environments. For some, the best time is the cold winter months, and for others it’s the warm summer months. For Treehouse Gift & Home in Onalaska Wisconsin, February was the ideal time to perform an overnight facelift of their store fixtures and displays.

Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Changing from a brighter space to a warmer and more charming darker space can be tricky but Brad and his team at Treehouse Gift & Home did a fantastic job! These Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall panels compliment their floor fixtures and counter displays perfectly. Color matched aluminum inserts ensure that the flow of the color isn’t interrupted, giving them the flexibility to position shelves and waterfall clothing displays to any location. Matching edge trim installed over exposed edges caps off a neat and professional appearance. A Facebook user commented during installation on Treehouse Gift & Homes’ page, “Wow, can’t wait to see the finished product”. Their reply was, “The walnut color we chose was definitely the winner!” Don’t forget that these panels and finishes are also available in both freestanding floor fixtures, and grooveless panels that can be used in areas for decorative purposes only.

Slatwall Panel Installation

Panel installation is underway!

We recommend the installation of slatwall panels by a licensed and insured contractor familiar with local building codes. But should you choose to do the job yourself, don’t forget the safety eye wear and gloves, and read our great tutorial for help.

To finish off your stunning new slatwall displays, our pipe faceouts, hangrails and shelves compliment any of our textured slatwall finishes and are available in Rust, Black, Sandblast and Bronze. For a limited time, they’re discounted 10% when purchased with panels.

The list of businesses making the switch from standard slatwall to textured slatwall keeps growing, because so many new and exciting ways to turn drab retail displays into exciting spaces are becoming available! Read our articles about planning your store fixture purchase and then request a free quote today.

Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels


Exclusive New Slatwall Pipe-Line Display Accessories Will Take Your Textured 3D Slatwall To The Next Level!

Slatwall Pipe Line Shelf w/ Hangrail (Rust Finish)

Slatwall Pipe Line Shelf w/ Hangrail (Rust Finish)

You’ve made the decision to use textured slatwall rather than a standard melamine finish, so why would you use the same old standard slatwall accessories on these dramatic looking panels? Imagine accessories that actually matched the artistry of the panels themselves – they’re finally available!  Pipe Line Shelves, Hangrails and Faceouts, for displaying items and hanging your newest styles, are yet another piece to the puzzle that will transform your uninspired retail environment into something that will make your customers’ shopping experience something that they’ll always remember.

12" Slatwall Pipe Faceout (Sandblast Finish)

12″ Slatwall Pipe Faceout (Sandblast Finish)

These versatile yet sturdy accessories are available in Rust, Sandblast, Black and Bronze. Pair the Rust finish with the Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Finishes for a weathered or worn look. The Black finish compliments nearly all of the panel finishes. Sandblast offers the look and feel of an urban or industrial area, while the Bronze is more of a decorative finish. For a limited time, these and all of the other slatwall accessories are discounted 10% when purchased with slatwall panels. These handcrafted displays take this already superior display system to the next level. Request a free price quote today!


Slatwall Pipe Hangrail (Rust Finish)

Slatwall Pipe Hangrail (Rust Finish)



4 Pro Tips For Planning Your Store Fixtures Purchase: Part 1

subway-tile-fixturesMaking a store fixtures purchase can be trouble free or problematic. It’s the amount of planning that goes into your purchase that can make the difference between the two. Take these simple steps to ensure that you avoid many common problems.

1. Determine Your Budget

While the price ranges for many different types of products can vary greatly, the amount of money you have to invest in your business probably does not. Do some window shopping and begin to understand what to expect before you request pricing.

2. Research Your Display Options and Plan Your Installation

Slatwall Installation Side

Slatwall Installation Side

Take the time to research the different display systems and how each could work for you. How-to guides and reference articles can also offer tips. Once you’ve decided what type of display will work best, take specific measurements and consider overages for installation difficulties or last minute changes. Make a realistic plan that includes a specific time frame.

In the second part of this series we’ll discuss when to request pricing and how to prepare for your delivery. PART 2 HERE

Slatwall Installation

Slatwall Installation




Old Painted Wood 3D Textured Slatwall


Old Paint Textured Slatwall

Old Painted Wood 3D textured slatwall panels have the look and feel of wood siding or fencing that was abandoned many years ago. Sun, Rain and years of elemental exposure took this once new finish and created a charming and unique textured slatwall style. Like all of the other textured slatwall panel finishes, Old Painted Wood is available in 2’h x 8’w panels with 6″ on center groove spacing. We also offer this finish without the grooves as a designer accent panel. Don’t forget the matching edge trim to complete the installation and conceal exposed edges.

Our assortment of textured slatwall and textured woodgrain slatwall finishes is the best in the world. Call us today at 866-421-0961 or request a sample so we can prove it!

Excel Sports uses Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall to Add Warmth to their Colorado Retail Showroom.

Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels

Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels

Whether pulling the pace line or rotating to the back of your cycling group, you’ll need lots of brightly colored gear to ensure visibility to both drivers and other cyclists. Setting up a display of these types of products can present a challenge when so many colors are involved. Originally, Josh and Dylan from Excel Sports in Boulder Colorado decided that Red Cedar would look best for their new slatwall display, but that quickly changed. They settled on the darker, more uniform background of our Walnut finish. Tell them on Facebook how much you like what they’ve done!

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Rosewood Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Makes Its Debut

The Brazilian rainforest is home to the inspiration for our newest Textured Woodgrain Slatwall finish. Rosewood is the warmest of the woodgrains and will immediately add an exotic feel to your retail environment. It’s auburn and brown tones are most often found in fine furniture and musical instruments. The horizontal grooves disappear in the charming plank pattern leaving nothing to suggest that it’s a display panel. Request a sample today and see for yourself how beautiful this new Textured Woodgrain Slatwall finish really is.

Rosewood Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Rosewood Textured Woodgrain Slatwall


Feasel’s Home & Garden Center Adds Beautiful New Maple Veneer Slatwall Displays!

Feasel's Home and Garden Center

Feasel’s Home and Garden Center

When Greg at Feasel’s Home & Garden Center in Findlay Ohio decided it was time to upgrade his retail space, he knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it to look. Our Maple Veneer Slatwall with Black Aluminum Groove inserts would look fantastic with a Cabot Semi-Transparent Stain in Bark color. Finished with a Minwax Satin Polyurethane, his panels would be both durable and beautiful. Greg had a plan and knew exactly what he needed to do to get the job done.

Black Slatwall Accessories Compliment the Black Aluminum Inserts

Black Slatwall Accessories Compliment the Black Aluminum Inserts

Maple Veneer slatwall panels feature a Medium Density Fiberboard core panel with a real wood veneer surface. This is ideal for sanding and staining to match an existing finish or creating a new wood tone that you need for your retail display. Standard woodgrain melamine slatwall panels are available in many wood tones but may not match the color that you’re looking for. Low pressure laminate panels also cannot accept a protective polyurethane barrier for added durability.

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Another Price Reduction on Select Textured Slatwall Finishes!

Heavy Metal Rust Textured Slatwall

Heavy Metal Rust Textured Slatwall also available in Cold Grey

If you were considering adding Textured Slatwall to your retail environment or sales floor, now is the time! After recently changing our price structure to include significant volume discounts on all finishes, we’re decided to drop the price even more for our Cement and Slate finishes as well as Heavy Metal, Corrugated Metal and Diamond Plate. These are some of our most popular styles of Textured Slatwall, and they’re sure to become even more so. Watch our videos of these and all of our other unique Textured Slatwall finishes. Then request a sample of these exciting finishes using our Slatwall Sample Request Form.

Natural Cement Textured Slatwall

Natural Cement Textured Slatwall also available in Bleached Cement

Visit our website today to see that we continue to be the industry leader in both assortment of finishes as well as lowest pricing! Join our Facebook and Twitter communities and tell us how we’re doing.

Corrugated Metal Rust Textured Slatwall

Corrugated Metal Rust Textured Slatwall with rolled steel pattern also available in Galvanized Corrugated finish.

Silver Diamond Plate Slatwall

Silver Diamond Plate Textured Slatwall with stamped diamond plate pattern also available in Rust finish