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Related Search Terms... Narrowing Your Search Can Lead to Better Results!

The ad campaign that satirizes the scattered nature of search engine results is something everyone can relate to because we've all experienced it. Put a broad term into a search engine and whammo, you get the phone book. You're search for "cell phone charging cord" will eventually lead you to researching season ticket prices for your favorite sports team. Most of us don't have time for that.

Related Searches

In an effort to provide better search results, most search engines now suggest "Related Search Terms". Normally these related terms are more specific than the original term and will include additional words. Found at the top and/or bottom of the search results page, this list of suggested terms is predictive of what your intent in searching this subject matter is. A search of the term "gridwall" in Yahoo! will yield the related search term "gridwall panels". A search of the term "3d slatwall" in Google will result in the related search term suggestions of: "wood textured slatwall", "brick slatwall", "decorative slatwall panels", etc.

These related search term suggestions are good for your search process and can help you reach your desired result quickly. Discovering associated terminology is yet another benefit to this search process. If you don't know the correct name or spelling of what you're looking for, often the related search terms can help. It's always worth noting these terms even when you're not certain that you'll follow their path.

Slatwall Search Autofill

Newer technology being employed by Google is also prompting these suggestions as you type in the search field. Letter by letter, as you enter your search phrase, the Google Instant feature predicts what you are searching for and interprets on the fly. Give it a try!

At the end of all of these technological advances, the result should be easier searches with better and more specific results for what you want. By using an engine's "Related Search Terms", you'll get to what you need faster.


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Is paying for my Store Fixtures Order Online with my Credit Card Safe?

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