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Treehouse Gift & Home Updates The Look And Feel Of Their Store With Walnut Textured Wood Slatwall!
Treehouse Gift & Home

During their slow sales season, many retailers decide to take the time to remodel and upgrade their retail displays and store environments. For some, the best time is the cold winter months, and for others it's the warm summer months. For Treehouse Gift & Home in Onalaska Wisconsin, February was the ideal time to perform an overnight facelift of their store fixtures and displays.

Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall
  Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall

Changing from a brighter space to a warmer and more charming darker space can be tricky but Brad and his team at Treehouse Gift & Home did a fantastic job! For Treehouse, the dark rich color of Walnut Textured Woodgrain Slatwall panels compliments their floor fixtures and counter displays perfectly. Color matched aluminum groove inserts ensure that the flow of the color isn't interrupted, giving them the flexibility to re-position shelves and waterfall clothing displays to any location as inventory changes. Matching edge trim installed over exposed edges caps off a neat and professional appearance. A Facebook user commented during installation on Treehouse Gift & Homes' page, "Wow, can't wait to see the finished product". Their reply was, "The walnut color we chose was definitely the winner!" Don't forget that these panels and finishes are also available in both freestanding floor fixtures, and decorative wall panels without grooves that can be used in areas where merchandise display is not needed!

Treehouse Gifts Slatwall Installation
  Walnut Textured Slatwall Installation

We recommend the installation of slatwall panels by a licensed and insured contractor familiar with local building codes. But should you choose to do the job yourself, don't forget the safety eye wear and gloves, and read our great tutorial for help.

To finish off your stunning new slatwall displays, our pipe faceouts, hangrails and shelves compliment any of our textured slatwall finishes and are available in Rust, Black, Sandblast and Bronze.

The list of businesses making the switch from standard slatwall to textured slatwall keeps growing, because so many new and exciting ways to turn drab retail displays into exciting spaces are becoming available!

Walnut Textured Slatwall Display Wall

Walnut Textured Slatwall Display Wall

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