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Used Displays vs. New Store Fixtures... Is It Really A Better Deal?
Used Store Fixtures
Used vs New? Not usually worth the hassle

As our economy continues to wobble, we're all looking for ways to cut back on expenses. Rising costs, shrinking sales, and a darkening mood seem to be the new normal. Retail store and business owners are frequently attempting to update, expand and improve their displays. In an attempt to cut costs, a business owner's first thought might be, "I could save money by purchasing used store fixtures." While it is always a good idea to try to get the best deal, sometimes it's possible to over-think the solution. Used store fixtures and retail displays might seem like a great way to control costs when outfitting your retail store, craft exhibit, or art display. Unfortunately, this rarely turns out to be the case.

Try to consider that many factors contributing to an item's cost are still figured into the selling price of a used gridwall panel, garment rack or store display. It still has to be purchased, transported, sorted, repaired and stored until it's resold. The costs to administrate the transaction of a used store fixture, such as payroll and credit card processing fees are the same as a new display. In addition, if the used display has to be shipped to you, it will need to be re-packaged and may be bulky and oversized, making shipping more expensive than a new knockdown (KD) store fixture.

Sports, Running & Athletic Mannequins
New Store Fixtures in a Retail Store

A used store fixture may not actually meet your need precisely the way you require. Wire baskets originally sold to a toy store to display rubber balls may not be the correct size, style or color for your scrapbooking crafts, but you'll make it work. Improperly sized store fixtures can spoil the symmetrical look of the display configuration you're after. Even worse, wrong displays can disfigure your products. This can lead to damaged inventory and buyer's remorse about the used store fixtures that originally seemed like a bargain. Some store fixtures such as slatwall panels, are fastened to a wall during installation. If removed, they will have holes and damage from their original installation, and are not typically suitable to be re-used in another location. Steel displays such as Gridwall and SlatGrid panels are often exposed to moisture and humidity and may develop rust after years of use. Garment Racks, whether rolling garment racks, round garment racks, arm racks, shoe racks, lingerie racks, spiral racks, or belt and tie racks, contain bolts and small parts that are typically lost when moved or disassebled. Finding specific replacement parts and hardware for store fixtures manufactured years ago is a costly and time consuming task.

New Store Fixtures in a Retail Store

When you purchase used store fixtures, are you really getting a better deal? Most say that, "used store display fixtures look used", since they were originally purchased for a different purpose. We offer the same quality store fixtures at discount prices, that are often competitive with used dealers.

Shop our selection of store fixtures and displays and see for yourself!


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