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Assembly Instructions for Garment Racks

Assembly Instructions for Rolling Racks
# 01-009CH Adjustable Rolling Rack
1. Remove screws from ends of 47" base cross pieces with allen wrench (supplied).
2. Attach cross pieces to uprights, with height adjustment holes facing inward, using screws from #1.
3. Remove screws from ends of 31" height adjustment bars.
4. Attach height adjustment bars to hangrail, with height push pins facing inward, using screws from #3.
5. Insert hangrail with height adjustment bars into uprights at desired height.
# 01-010CH and # 01-020CH Collapsible Rolling Racks
1. Unfold rack.
2. Fit hangrail post onto one side of upright.
3. While using force to separate rack sides, grasp opposite hangrail end and other upright to align for snug fit.
4. For double bar rack #01-020CH repeat steps #2 and #3 for second hangrail.
5. Remove (2) Screws from base frame and use to attach hangrail clamps.
# 01-016BL Z Base Rolling Rack
1. Attach each Z end piece to bottom frame, using provided 2 screws per end piece.
2. Insert rubber bumper onto each wheel's bolt.
3. Attach each wheel/bumper to frame using 1 lock washer and 1 lock nut.
4. Insert each side upright into frame.
5. Attach top hangrail to uprights.
Assembly Instructions for 2-Arm Racks
# 02-010CH, # 02-011CH, # 02-012CH and # K13 2-Arm Racks
1. Insert base weight into base cover.
2. Attach base to upright with bolt provided.
3. Insert arms into upright at desired height.
Assembly Instructions for Bar Racks
# 01-001CH and # 01-003CH Double Bar Racks
1. Remove bolts from ends of (4) hangrail support height adjustment posts using included hex wrench.
2. Attach (2) height adjustment posts to each hangrail using bolts from #1. Ensure height adjustment buttons are facing inward.
3. Remove bolts from ends of center rack support bars and attach to top center and bottom center of rack uprights.
4. Insert hangrails at desired height.
Assembly Instructions for Round Racks
# 00-001CH and # 00-004CH Round Racks
1. Insert (4) footed legs into frame at desired height.
2. Unfold frame and stand rack up.
3. Attach top ring by aligning holes with hold tabs.
4. Optional: Insert (4) shelf rests into frame crossbars.
# 08-006CH Spiral Rack
1. Remove screw and lockwasher from end of center base pole.
2. Attach center base pole to base using screw, lockwasher, and metal spacer from under base bottom.
3. Fit top pole over bottom pole.
4. Attach spiral support arms to spiral piece with mounting rings facing inward.
5. Attach spiral assembly to top pole at desired height and tighten screws.

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